Friday, July 2, 2010

Ashok Lav Editor Hindi section of Mohyal Mitter Since July 1987

Ashok Lav

Dr. Ashok Lav is a noted Hindi language author and poet. Works and honours A recipient of numerous awards related to Hindi literature, including the Mohyal Gaurav,Eklavya award, his more well known works include: Shikhron se aage (novel- literally, "Beyond peaks") Anubhootiyon ki aahaten (collection of poems,literally, "The approaching footsteps of sensations") Larhkiyan Choonaa Chahtee Hain Aasmaan (collections of poems- literally, "Girls want to touch the sky") Phulvaree (songs for children- literally, "A garden of flowers") Band darvaazon par dastaken (short stories- literally, "Knocking on locked doors") Salaam Dilli (short stories- literally, "A salute to Delhi") Pathron se bandhe pankh (short stories- literally, "Feathers tied to stones") Khidkiyon Par Tange Log (short stories(ed)-literally,"People Hanged on Windows" His book Hindi ke Pratinidhi Saahityakaaron se Saakshaatkaar, a collection of interviews with writers representative of Hindi literature, was released by the Vice President of India, Dr. Shankar Dayal Sharma on February 9, 1990. Personal life Dr. Lav belongs to the Mohyal community, usually more noted for its tradition of military service. Besides being a writer, he is also the Managing Director of an IT firm. He also is the editor of Hindi section of the Mohyal community magazine, the Mohyal Mitter since July 1987.

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