Monthly mohyal meeting report of mohyal sabha dehradun held on 21/02/2010 Sunday
The monthly meeting of Mohyal Sabha Dehradun uttrakhand was held on 21/02/2010 at Maj K R Bali Mohyal Nursury School, Gurudwara Road Karanpur Dehradun. The meeting was presided over by the President Sh Rajiv Datta and was attended by 20 members. The house was apprised by Sh N K Datta about the proceedings of the various cases courts at dehradun regarding the Maj K R Bali Mohyal Nursury School, 1Gurudwara Road Karanpur Dehradun
Itwas brought to the knowledge of the house by Sh. A K Datta that the monthly meeting proceedingof dehradun mohyal sabha was not published in the Mohyal Mitter for last few months. He has volunteered to help the Secretary in preparing the monthly preceeding details.
The house was appraised by Senior member Prof. K L datta that the network of the Mohyal Sabha was not effective. He suggested that the MS be divided into five zones and each zone should have a volunteer who will Co ordinate with the Secretary . This will alsohelpin updating of mohyal directory of Dehradun.
The house was apprised by Shri L.P. Mehta Vice President that in past no proper register was maintained to show that who all are life member of Dehradun MS and who all are General Members He suggested and Volunteered to maintain such registers.
Prof. Kamal Rattan Vaid suggested that the house that in order to increase the strength of the member of MS every member should bring the mobile number of five new mohyals and they should be contacted and requested to become member of MS Dehradun and attend the meeting.
Shri L.P. Mehta accepted the duty to sms about the monthlly meeting to members of MS dehradun whose Numbers are with the Sabha
The house was suggested by Sh. Rajiv Datta President MS Dehradun that a few old mohyal members/families are not in a position to attend the monthly meeting due to old age , hence monthly meeting could be held at their places on the expenses of MS Dehradun to ensure their active participation.
The house mourned the death of smt Raj Mohan BNashvilla Road Dehradun and Vipin Datta Counaught Place Dehradun A silence prayerwas observed by the members to pay tribute to the departed souls. Shri S S Chibber of Doiwala donated Rs 500/ to the MS Dehradun on ocassion of the Birthday of his son and grandson . In the end delious lunch was served by the President Sh. Rajiv Datta
Pramod Mehta vaid
Secretary Finace