Dear mohyal bandu jay mohyal
year 2009 is in last daysand we all are welcoming new year 2010.
the year 2009 was full of activity of mohyal sabha dehradun
yearly mohyal milan were organised by mohyalsabha dehradun in which Shri B.D.Baliji blessed us with gms other dignitary and many other honourable mohyal of different part country visit us.
Gms new delhi organised all india mohyal youth camp which is well hosted by our mohyal sabha.The present team of mohyal executive are younge and have a zeel to do some thing special in dehradun in which your valuable guidence and cooperation are always welcome by mohyal sabha . by this mail address you can contact us, watch us and gulde us always at mohyalisoch we the executive of mohyalsabha dehradun
happy new year2010to all mohyal in the world