Thursday, November 24, 2011

Dressing Tips For Short Heighten

Dressing tips for short heighten: Remember,... Sonia Sahdev


Remember, good things always come in small packages, so it does not matter if you are short. The key is to make yourself appear taller by wearing the right kind of clothes. If you wish to wear skirts their length can be till the knee or above the knee length. Kurtas should end at or slightly above the knee. Tops with three-fourth sleeves can be worn. If you are wearing a saree, than better go for high heels. They will make you look tall.
For Gents
Men who are below the height of 5 feet 6 inches are referred as short. For them the different dressing tips are as follows –
Tops – If you are shorter in height you should wear vertical lined shirts or t-shirts. You can wear ‘V’ shaped necked t-shirts and slim fitting shirts. In a formal dress you can wear peak lapel and slightly longer coat because it creates taller look.
Pants – For taller look you should wear nicely fitted pant. Another way to look taller is to wear same color top and bottom.
It is also very necessary to know what makes you look shorter like low waisted trousers double breasted coats, too long coats and different colored top and bottom.
On of the well dressed Hollywood star TOM CRUISE is short in height even than he a style icon.
Not every man looks like Brad Pitt or Salman Khan but if you follow the above “Dressing Tips for Men” you’ll look equally handsome. Selecting clothes is not an ordinary work; this is a task of making new identity. These dressing tips will definitely make it easy for you to choose right clothes to match your body type. Follow these tips and discover the new fashion icon in you.

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