Saturday, September 18, 2010

CBSE circular for Class X students : CONFUSION

A recent circular from the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) on the 2011 Class X examination has left the parents confused. The point of contention is whether Class X students studying in senior secondary schools (schools that have junior colleges) opt for examination conducted by the school or by the board at the end of the second term.The circular wanted parents to send in their consent in respect of their wards, whether they will be writing the examination conducted by the school or the board in March 2011 at the end of Class X. "Parents who have decided to send their ward to senior secondary (Class XI and XII ) from school affiliated to a board other than CBSE or those who are not sure to send their ward to CBSE (Class XI and XII ) may send their consent for CBSE-conducted Class X final examination," it says.A teacher at a CBSE school in the city said the circular meant that if a student studying in senior secondary school wanted to continue for Class XI in the same school, he/she could opt for school-based examination only. "However, such students will close their option to opt for any other junior college." If a student opts for the board-conducted exam, he/she cannot only go for admission in the junior college of the same school but also for any other junior college. A parent who did not wish to be named said it was better to opt for the board-conducted examination if a student had to keep all options open. "But in that case, what is the need for a school-based examination?"Another parent said, "The examinations conducted by the board and school will have the same syllabus and same criteria. However, for the board-conducted examination, external examiners will assess the papers. In that case, if a student wants to score more, it is better to opt for the school-based examination."Confirming the receipt of such a circular, Army Public School principal Binita Punekar said, "We will conduct a parents' meeting to clarify the doubts. I will call up the CBSE officials before the meeting so that all issues could be answered."A teacher in another city CBSE school said students could take both school- and board-conducted examinations. But in that case, it is not clear as to which score will be considered for admission to Class XI. Students of schools that have classes up to Class X only will have no option but to take the board exam. "It is unfair that some CBSE students will have two options." a parent said.

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