Tuesday, September 14, 2010

प्रिया दत्त : परिचय और संपर्क

Elected LokSabha MP: 22 November 2005
Party: Indian National Congress
Constituency: Mumbai: North West Parliamentary Constituency
Rival Candidate: Shri Madhukar Sarpotdar (Shiv Sena)
Victory Margin: 1,72,043
Head of the Core Team:
I headed a core team set up by Mr. Sunil Dutt, former Union Minister for Sports and Youth Affairs, to monitor activities in his constituency. The responsibilities of this team included reporting to him on a regular basis the progress of governance within North West District, Mumbai. We looked into various matters pertaining to infrastructure development, personal people matters, social issues etc. These were reported to Mr. Dutt, with suggestions on possible courses of action. In some cases we even activated responses and projects on behalf of Mr. Dutt.
Bachelor of Arts in Sociology : Mumbai University through the Sophia College, Mumbai.
Internships at : 1989 Magna Sound and Video - New York City Position : Camera Assistant.
Bombay Broadcasting Network : New York City Position : Production Assistant.
Education in the U.S.A : 1990 The Center for the Media arts : NYC Diploma in Television Production, Directing, Editing, Camera, Switcher or T.D.
MCSE : Course was completed from NIIT in 1999 without certification.
  • Certified by PADI as a Scuba Diver *Books & Film*Writing*Traveling*Animal Lover*Interior Designing
  • CONTACT: Priya Dutt “Sunrise”,24th Road, Off. Link Road,Near National College,Bandra (W),Mumbai - 400 050Tel :- 26004583,Fax :- 26005823,Email : - dutt66@gmail.com


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ASHOK LAV said...
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datta363@gmail.com said...

We are proud of Late Shri Sunil Dutt jee and we wish Priya Dutt all the best in social and political life.
-Subhash Dutta