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Wear Rudraksha For All Benefits

Indian Rudraksha is believed to be the best rudraksha among others available. Rudraksha is mainly found in India, Nepal and Indonesia but Indian Rudraksha is more powerful, good quality then others.

* Rudraksha — the eye of Rudra (Shiva)
Rudraksha is considered to be the most effective manifestation of the Cosmic Force. It is often believed to symbolize the link between the heaven and the earth. Rudraksha is a large evergreen tree whose seed is used for prayer beads in Hindu religion. The botanically meaning of Rudraksha is Elaeocarpus Ganitrus Roxb and in English it is known as Utrasum Bead Tree.

* Rudraksha Tree:
Mostly Rudraksha trees are found in South Eastern Asian Islands of Sumatra, Bali, Borneo, Iran, Timor (Indonesia) and parts of South Asian Kingdom of Nepal. The outer shell of seeds of Rudraksha is covered by blue color when fully ripe, and that’s why it is also known as blueberry beads. It is said that around 70% of these trees are found in Indonesia, 25% in Nepal and 5% in India.

* Origin:
Considered a major stress reliever, a reducing circulatory problem, the blueberry bead was first spotted in Indonesia and is now grown in Haridwar and Nepal. Rudraksha is an evergreen tree that grows quickly and it starts bearing fruit in about three to four years. The Yogis and Monks of Asia found that wearing the Rudraksha beads gave them concentration that helped them meditate for a long period of time with spectacular control over their mind.

* Rudraksha’s Mukhi:
There are Mukhi on the surface of beads. The Mukhi on the surface helps in determining the quality of beads. These Mukhi’s ranges from 1 to 21 and is described below:

1 Mukhi Rudraksha1 Mukhi Rudraksha:
The One Mukhi Rudraksha is the symbol of Godhood, Supreme Truth and Attainment of Eternity. The 1 Mukhi Rudraksha is Lord Shankar and this Rudraksha is top most among all Rudrakshas. One Mukhi Rudraksha is found in round and the half moon shape. Round shape Rudraksha is very rare and more of a myth but it is highly praised in our ancient texts. One mukhi Half moon is easily available and found in a family tree of Rudraksha from Sri Lanka and India.

2 Mukhi Rudraksha2 Mukhi Rudraksha:
The two Mukhi Rudraksha is the symbol of ArdhaNareeshwara, a joint image of the Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati (Shakti). It effectively controls the ruinous effects of Moon in physical as well as spiritual level such as diseases of kidney, Left eye, intestine in physical level and lack of harmony in relationship etc. in the spiritual level. Two Mukhi Rudraksha has two lines or faces and it is available in two varieties – Nepal and Haridwar (India). It brings unity like the family unity and remove the differences of opinions between the the father and the son, the husband and the wife, and friends, it establishes unity between them.

3 Mukhi Rudraksha3 Mukhi Rudraksha:
The three Mukhi Rudraksha contains the Trinity of Gods: Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. Three Mukhi Rudraksha is known to be one of the most powerful Rudraksha for stopping all problems created in the past and existing in the present and about to take place in the Future. This Rudraksha Bead combined with appropriate Mantras helps to dramatically change a person’s life for the better in the 40 days. The best virtue of 3 Mukhi Rudraksha is that it makes the wearer free from chronic fever certainly.

4 Mukhi Rudraksha4 Mukhi Rudraksha:
The four mukhi Rudraksha represents Goddess Saraswati and Brahma. It has four linings from head to bottom at equal distance. It is beneficial to researchers, artists, and journalists. It helps to reduce the malefic effects of Jupiter like intellectual dullness of mind, lack of grasping and understanding power, difficulty in effective communication and also neurotic conditions of mind.

5 Mukhi Rudraksha5 Mukhi Rudraksha:
The five mukhi Rudraksha is the form of Rudra named Kaalagni. Five mukhi Rudraksha rectifies all the faults of Jeeva and makes him pure and Jeeva gains the form of Pashupati. By wearing its mala the wearer’s mind remains peaceful. There is no doubt that the wearer of five mukhi Rudraksha mala never gets untimely death.

6 Mukhi Rudraksha6 Mukhi Rudraksha:
The six mukhi Rudraksha is the center of the power of Lord Shiva’s second son, Kumar Kartikeya. It gives wisdom, knowledge and increases will power. It is very good for businessmen, journalists and editors etc. This Rudraksha removes malefics associated with planet Mars like cuts, wounds, surgery, and injury by weapons, itching of the skin, bone fractures, hemorrhoids, miscarriages and abortions.

7 Mukhi Rudraksha7 Mukhi Rudraksha:
The seven mukhi Rudraksha is the symbol of Anang shiva and it represents Goddess Mahalaxmi. Seven mukhi rudraksha is saptmatradhi Daivat, saptashyadevat and saptmuni Daivat. It affects entire physical neurophysiology and psychological. It reduces the malefic effects of Lord Shani.

8 Mukhi Rudraksha8 Mukhi Rudraksha:
The eight mukhi Rudraksha is the second form of reflection of the first son of Lord Shiva, Lord Ganesh and is one who is worshipped prior to other gods. The eight linings on it make it a very effective Rudraksha. Its wearer becomes unaffected by miseries – physical, divine or mental. Wearing eight mukhi Rudraksha prevent from the malefic effects of the planet Ketu.

9 Mukhi Rudraksha9 Mukhi Rudraksha:
The nine mukhi Rudraksha is the form of the Goddess Durga (Shakti). Nine mukhi Rudraksha is as clear from its name contains power of Nine Deities. The worshippers of the Goddess Durga must wear this Rudraksha. All the Rudraksha are the symbol of Lord Shiva but nine mukhi Rudraksha contains special nine qualities. Nine mukhi Rudraksha gives the wearer devotion and salvation.

10 Mukhi Rudraksha10 Mukhi Rudraksha:
The ten mukhi Rudraksha represents Lord Vishnu, the major god of Hinduism. He is popularly regarded as the preserver of the universe and Puranic literature refers to him as the all-pervading spirit. He is associated with the primeval waters. It is to be believed to have been omnipresent before the creation of the world.

11 Mukhi Rudraksha11 Mukhi Rudraksha:
The eleven Mukhi Rudraksha is regarded as the light mass of Lord Rudra Shiva (Eleven Rudras). It is the most effective and most successful Rudraksha for all the worshipers of Lord Shiva. In eleven mukhi Rudraksha, there are eleven Rudras and the eleventh Rudra is Lord Hanuman. Eleven mukhi Rudraksha is the symbol of Lord Indra, the king of Gods. It gives the permanent happiness to the wearer.

12 Mukhi Rudraksha12 Mukhi Rudraksha:
The twelve Mukhi Rudraksha is the radiance and strength of 12 forms of the God Sun. The twelve Mukhi Rudraksha is one of the most important Rudraksha for the person who needs to attract knowledge and riches and all the earthly pleasures. This Rudraksha is the most useful for the administrators and give happiness and material gains and protects from accidents.

13 Mukhi Rudraksha13 Mukhi Rudraksha:
The thirteen mukhi Rudraksha is the form of the king Indra. The worshiper of Lord Indra wears this thirteen mukhi Rudraksha to make him happy. It fulfills all the desires of the wearer and gives eight accomplishments. Thirteen mukhi Rudraksha is provided all attainments connected with chemical science.

14 Mukhi Rudraksha14 Mukhi Rudraksha:
The fourteen Mukhi Rudraksha represents Lord Shiva and is found most rarely. It awakens the sixth sense organ so that the wearer foresees the future happenings. The wearer of fouteen mukhi Rudraksha never fails in his decisions and gets rid of all the miseries, worries. The wearer of fourteen mukhi Rudraksha is safe and rich. The wearer of 14 mukhi rudraksha becomes dear to Lord Shiva.

15 Mukhi Rudraksha15 Mukhi Rudraksha:
The fifteen Mukhi represents Lord Pashupati and is very rare rudraksha. Fifteen mukhi Rudraksha also pacifies emotional disturbance in the mind caused by the limitations caused by Paasha or bondage.

16 Mukhi Rudraksha16 Mukhi Rudraksha:
The sixteen mukhi Rudraksha is Mahamrityunjaya form of Lord Shiva. Sixteen mukhi Rudraksha is form of Mahakal. Sixteen face rudraksha protects from physical illness due to placement of planets.

17 Mukhi Rudraksha17 Mukhi Rudraksha:
The seventeen mukhi Rudraksha represents Mata Katyani which is sixth form of Goddess Durga. The wearer of seventeen mukhi Rudraksha gets fruits of Artha, Kama, Dharma, and Moksha. 17 mukhi Rudraksha removes obstacles in path and gives immense prosperity.

18 Mukhi Rudraksha18 Mukhi Rudraksha:
The eighteen mukhi Rudraksha is form of Goddess earth. 18 mukhi Rudraksha is ideal for people in real-estate and land dealings. 18 mukhi Rudraksha, if worn by ladies who are prone to abortion, it protects the unborn child and she is able to give birth to a healthy beautiful baby.

19 Mukhi Rudraksha19 Mukhi Rudraksha:
The nineteen mukhi Rudraksha is form of Lord Narayan. 19 mukhi Rudraksha gives success in business, and good health. The wearer of 19 mukhi Rudraksha gets blessings of Vishnu and Goddess Laxmi and is blessed with beauty and prosperity.

20 Mukhi Rudraksha20 Mukhi Rudraksha:
The twenty mukhi Rudraksha is Brahma Swarupa. It has energy of the nine planets, Eight Dikpals (Indra, Varun, Yama, Kuber, Agni, Vayu, Niriti and Ishan) and Tridevas (Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh).

21 Mukhi Rudraksha21 Mukhi Rudraksha:
The twenty one mukhi rudraksha is represented by Kuber. The wearer of 21 mukhi Rudraksha is blessed with immense prosperity and materialistic desires.

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