Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mohyal Gotra Rishi Book :Remarkable Work

Prof VK Datta
MA Med P.E.S
11th August 2010

Respected Dr Ashok Lav ji
Namaskar !
Hoping you and family in the best of health and spirit and busy in writing more for Mohyal community , enlightening generation to know - who are they?
Heartiest congratulation giving details about Mohyal Gotra Rishis which is a remarkable work and achievment for the Mohyal families.
...Hope you to meet , lastly we met in Jalandhar Mela.
With best wishes and regards
Yours brotherly
Prof VK Datta
Lajpat Nagar,
Opposite Red Cross Bhawan
Jalandhar City

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nareshbala said...

Prof VK Datta has rightly said.This is a remarkable work. Congrats!