Sunday, March 7, 2010

मोहयालों के इमाम हुसैन से सम्बन्ध

Kazmi is the author of article "Imam Husain's Hindu Devotees" published in The Illustrated Weekly of India, Vol. XCII II, March 14, 1971. He has undertaken unique research on the sacrifices made by Hindus, particularly Dutt Brahmins, for the Muslims. (The Dutts belong to Mohyal caste. Some of the eminent Mohyals include the late General Kulwant Singh, Colonel Zorawal Singh Dutt, Mr. V. R. Mohan, Sunil Dutt, Geeta Bali and Om Prakash). His articles, published in periodicals and newspapers, are chiefly on the subjects of communal harmony and Indian national integration

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