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दमा (अस्थमा ) से बचें : उपाय / * अनिल दत्ता

For treatment of asthma a lot of information regarding natural asthma remedy and treatment is available. How and what information we make use of is at our discretion. Both herbal and homeopathic asthma remedies are common.
One tablespoon of honey mixed with half a tablespoon of powdered cinnamon consumed before sleeping at night is a good natural asthma remedy. Another effective natural asthma remedy and treatment for those in initial stages of asthma is half a cup of milk boiled with eight to ten cloves of garlic and consumed at night
Fig is a fruit widely used in natural asthma remedy and treatment because of its property to drain out the phlegm from the body. Three-four figs should be soaked in a cup of water after being washed thoroughly. The figs should then be consumed on empty stomach and the water in which the figs were soaked should be drunk. Eating anything should be put off for the next one hour after consuming the figs. The usual course of this natural asthma remedy is two months.
Slowly sipping one teaspoon of honey mixed in very hot water slowly before sleeping will help in removing the phlegm from the throat and hence is highly recommended. One can use water, in which fenugreek was soaked and then strained, as a natural asthma remedy. Add one teaspoon of honey and another teaspoon of ginger juice in one cup of water strained after soaking fenugreek and consume this mixture every morning and evening for best results.
Biovent Controls as Well as Prevents Asthma Attacks
BoiVent can be used for prevention of asthma attacks as well as in management program for chronic asthma. It is a natural asthma remedy product which is constituted by both herbal as well as homoeopathic components. To improve the respiratory system function it may be used daily. This will help reduce not only the occurrences of asthma attack but also the severity of it. The immune system will also get strengthened by it.
While using BioVent the dosage will vary for adults and children. It is to be administered in drops. For adults fifteen to twenty drops diluted in a quarter glass of water or juice consumed twice or thrice a day should be ideal. For children the ideal dose would be one drop per year of age consumed the same way as in the case of adults twice or thrice daily.
The herbal and homeopathic options available for asthma treatments may also be considered as natural asthma remedies as they have been found to give great relief to some people. Such natural asthma remedy and treatment may be very effective in very severe conditions as well and complement the other asthma medications very well as they have no side effects.
Anil Dutta (अमृतसर)

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