Wednesday, February 18, 2009

अशोक लव की पुस्तक रिलीज़ हुई

Smt Sheela Dikshit Chief Minister of Delhi ,released Ashok Lav ’s collection of poems ‘Ladkiyaan Choona Chahtee Hain Aasmaan ‘ at her residence on 11th February 2009.The बुकcontains 53 poems.

Ashok lav , a universally acclaimed individual who has been enlightening the Hindi Literature with his responsive poetry, short stories based on sizzling subjects, life histories of prominent personalities and interviews of world renowned Hindi laureates. He is also accredited for his efforts in bringing out numerous school textbooks. The magnitude of his stature in the field of Hindi literature and Education is peerless. He is also associated with a range of social endeavors. He is managing committee member of GMS and Hindi Editor of Mohyal Mitter since 1987.

In spite of, being a man himself, Ashok Lav condemns the male dominant society, which clearly shows that a true poet should think judiciously. Ashok lav has always given priority to moving subjects. In this set also, he did not forget to reveal his love towards the relation of mother and daughter. He believes that mother is a natural writer and she writes true poems in the form of children.He always thinks that daughters are an eternal part of everyone’s life. They tend to give a healing effect to life. According to him, they are refreshingly different

Ashok Lav is a compassionate individual and a glimpse of that can be seen in one of his poem where he is saddened by the fact that girls are expected to leave the parental house after their marriage. This has always disturbed him .

Sheela Dikshit appreciated poems and Ashok Lav's effort for writing about the problems of common man, through his writings.

* Sunil Dutta


Anonymous said...

congrats! lav sahib.
we are proud of you.

Manish said...

congrats and we know there are many more to come..........just carry on with your good work.. our blessing and support is always with you...
Jai Mohyal !!!
Sqn Ldr MK Bali (kanpur)