Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Meaning of Namaste / Vashith Vaid

The Secret of Mantras ! What does " Namaste "...
Vashisht Vaid

Many mantras since ancient times are known as the secret mystical formulas in which the codified higher knowledge exist which was codified by our ancient rishis, which is not usually known to ordinary human beings who may have no interest to learn such knowledge, as in their incarnated human lives of short duration[mostly less than 100 earth years], they may be blinded by the glamour of the material world.

The most famous mantra for all those who wordhip the great Gautam buddha's way of enlightenment have their highest mantra and in this Buddhist Mantra “Om Mani Padme Hum”, which technically in codified way means, that "I bow down to my own higher self our soul - which exist as a shining Sun in a lotus enrgy formation in the 4th sub plane of the mental plane". As its literal or ordinary worldly meaning of this mantra is “The Shining Jewel in the Lotus” ,

which also in a short form the Hindus use by saying “Namaste “ when they greet each other, which technically is combination of two Sanskrit words Nama and Astu ‘ as Nama means bowing down in reverence and Astu means to my self or to my own higher self. But when we use this word "Namaste' to greet someone else as a sign of respect, at that point it then consciously [for those who know its codified meaning]or unconsciously [who do not know its codified meaning] automatically relate them to the group consciousness center whose part is our soul as it belongs to a group consciousness related to a particulr ray energy and thus we in reality are part of a greater soul consciousness group, and most of us are not knowing this fact and are thus existing in a incarnated human body in the physical world in an individualized state of mind consciousness called personality,

So if you look at this word carefully, then the true understanding of its real meaning will become unfolded which in reality means "what I have as my higher self, is the same like what you have, so I am looking at you as a member of my higher self conscious group so I bow to you in reverence, which is also bowing to myself".

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