Monday, April 5, 2010

मोहयालों की उपाधियाँ Courtesy Titles

As an ethnic group, Mohyals have a long military tradition. During Mughal and Sikh rule, Mohyals were bestowed hereditary courtesy titles as for bravery and loyal service. These figure in most Mohyal names even today, and include Bakhshi, Bhai, Chaudhri, Dewan, Malik, Mehta and Raizada and are often indicative of the history of specific families.

Courtesy Title Meaning Background Information
Bakshi or Bakhshi Benevolent Frequent Mohyal title. The term Bakshi was also used for a paymaster of an army, and a small section of Mohyal families carry that name for that reason.
Bhai Brother Conferred on the Chhibbers of Karyala by the Sikh Gurus
Sikh Gurus
Sikhism was established by Guru Nanak and nine other Sikh Gurus over the period of 1469 to 1708. Most of the Gurus were born in Northern India, although they traveled extensively from as far west as Iraq to Assam in the east and Sri Lanka in the south...

for great sacrifices and devotion to dharma, and only found among their descendants
Chaudhri Head of village or clan Among Mohyals, usually descended from the Datt families of Kanjrur, Veeram and Zaffarwal
Dewan Landlord or person of authority The Dewans (prime ministers) of all the ten Gurus were Chhibbers belonging to Karyala; Also carried by Datts belonging to Guliana and certain other places
Mehta Responsible for finance/property Frequent Mohyal title
Raizada Of noble lineage Mostly Balis and some Vaids. Among the latter, only those tracing descent from a royal house of the Hindu Shahis

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