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Mohyal Ashram, Vrindavan:Inaugurated:Mohyal Mitter Dec'2012

Mohyal Ashram, Vrindavan:Inaugurated:Mohyal Mitter Dec'2012
Jai Radhe Krishna! Jai Mohyal!
Another feather in the cap of the GMS - and its President, Mohyal Ratna Rzd. B. D. Bali – literally; not an ordinary feather, but the ‘peacock feather’ on the crown of Lord Krishna himself, of Vrindavan!
Sunday, the 25th November 2012, will remain a red-lett

er day in the annals of the GMS as well as the Mohyal community, when the much-awaited Mohyal Ashram at Vrindavan was inaugurated and dedicated to the community. Though Rzd. B.D. Bali could not be physically present at the venue, due to indisposition, yet he kept abreast of the developments, through telephonic contact. The day was also celebrated as ‘Mohyal Diwas’.
Members of the community started arriving in Vrindavan from the 24th November 2012 itself and, by the ‘D’ day, the number had swelled to more than 1000. They came from all over the country –from the northern states of Punjab, Haryana, J&K, HP, Rajasthan, UP, Uttarakhand & NCT, Delhi, but also from the states of Maharashtra & MP also.The team led by Shri PK Dutta and assisted by S/Shri Yogesh Mehta & Ashwani Bakshi,did a tremendous job in providing accomodatio to the huge turnout.
On the 24th November itself, the Sthapana of the Radha-Krishna Murti, at the foyer of the Ashram building, was performed by Mehta O.P. Mohan, Senior Vice President, amidst chanting of Mantras by Panditjis. Havan and Puja were performed and Prasad distributed to all present. Smt. Amba Bali had donated Rs. 3.50 lakhs for the making and installation of the Murti.
The morning of the day of the Inaugural Ceremony, viz., the 25th November 2012 was very pleasant, with a cool breeze blowing. The Mohyal Ashram building was all decked up with flowers. The beautiful flower decoration was the handiwork of Smt. Krishan Lata Chhibber, who had tirelessly worked during the evening of the 24th & the morning of the 25th November 2012 to finish the job.
First, the Anavaran ceremony of the Radha-Krishna Murti, which had been covered by a cloth veil, was religiously performed by Smt. Janak & Bk. B.L. Chhibber IRS (Retd.), with the Panditjis chanting Vedic Mantras. The Inaugural ceremony proper commenced with the unfurling of the Mohyal flag, by the Chief Guest, Mohyal Ratna Bk. S. K. Chhibber IAS (Retd.), former Lt Governor of Mizoram, and the recitation of Mohyal prayer, led by Smt. Krishan Lata Chhibber. This was followed by Havan, performed by Bk. S.K. Chhibber, Smt. Shakuntala & Mehta O.P. Mohan, Smt. Janak & Bk. B.L. Chhibber, Smt. Uma & Shri D.V. Mohan, Smt Naresh Bala and Dr Ashok Lav, Smt. Krishan Lata & Shri Sushil Kumar Chhibber, Major Gen KK Bakshi,Shri Rajeshwar Chaudhury of Jalandhar, and others. Bk. S.K. Chhibber & Mehta O.P. Mohan then performed the Tape-cutting ceremony amidst loud shouts of Jai Mohyal. The cloth covering the eyes of Radha-Krishna Murti, was ceremoniously removed by the hands of a little Mohyal Kanya, while the Panditjis continued chanting Mantras. Thereafter, Mehta O.P. Mohan formally unveiled the Inauguration Stone, displaying the dedication of the Mohyal Ashram, Vrindavan, to the Mohyal community, by Mohyal Ratna Rzd. B.D. Bali.
The gathering then proceeded to the venue of the main ceremony, which was the amphitheatre, adjacent to the Mohyal Ashram building. The galleries were filled up soon, with many sitting on the sloping lawns around the amphitheatre. Dr. Ashok Lav started the proceedings by welcoming all to this much-awaited event. He invoked Lord Ganesha, with the following Mantra, so that the event went off without any hitch:
“Vakrathunda Mahaakaaya,
Suryakoti Samaprabha,
Nirvighnam Kuru Me Deva,
Sarva Kaaryeshu Sarvada”
He stated that he had prepared a book-let (in Hindi) on the Mohyal Ashram, Vrindavan, copies of which have been kept at the Registration counter, giving important information about the Ashram. Mohyal Ratna Bk. S.K. Chhibber, Mehta O.P. Mohan, and other dignitaries then lighted the traditional lamp to signify the formal inauguration of the Mohyal Ashram. All the dignitaries were garlanded and presented with bouquets. The students of Blue Bird Senior Secondary School, Faridabad, performed Ganesh Vandana dance recital, which was beautifully organized by Smt. Suman Datta, w/o Shri Ramesh Datta President MS Faridabad.
Mehta O.P. Mohan, while delivering the welcome address, congratulated Mohyal Ratna Rzd. B.D. Bali for conceiving and implementing the Vrindavan Ashram project. He informed that Rzd. B.D. Bali was scheduled to come to Vrindavan, on the 24th inst, but had to postpone his departure to the 25th, which also could not take place, due to some unforeseen circumstances. He has, however, sent a message to the members of the community conveying his good wishes for the success of the function. Recalling the genesis of the project, he stated that the idea of constructing an Ashram at Vrindavan, similar to the one at Haridwar, had occurred to Rzd. B.D. Bali, while he was proceeding to the Mohyal Ashram, Haridwar, along with other office bearers of the GMS, including Mehta O.P. Mohan, some time in 2008. Immediately on reaching Haridwar, Bali Sahib had constituted a team of GMS office bearers to look out for a suitable piece of land in Vrindavan for the Ashram project. The team, after scouting the area, had zeroed in on the present location, where the GMS had acquired four plots of land, by direct purchase, from the developers of the Ashram Vihar complex. Even though the foundation had been laid for the Ashram in February 2009, with the target of completing the construction in about a year’s time, due to unforeseen circumstances, including change of contractors, non-availability of labour, frequent power breakdowns etc, the completion of the project had been delayed, and it has taken almost 4 years for the Ashram building to be completed. In order to be different from the other Ashrams in Vrindavan, it had been decided to construct the Mohyal Ashram building in the Rajasthani style of architecture, with stone jali work and other features. This also led to some delay. Keeping in view the odds faced, the completion of the building in about four years’ time could be considered as a real achievement. However, he expressed his regrets for the delay some residual work still remained, which, he assured, will be completed in 3-4 months’ time. He concluded his address, by once again welcoming and thanking all the participants.
Shri P.K. Datta, speaking next, stated that the year 2012 had started with the All India Mohyal Conference in January and was culminating in the inauguration of the Mohyal Ashram, Vrindavan, and the Mohyal Diwas celebrations, now, in November. He congratulated the ‘Trimoortis’; viz., Mehta O.P. Mohan, Shri S.C. Bali, Architect, and Shri Kamran Dutt and others for their untiring efforts in the completion of the project. While conveying the gratitude to them, on behalf of the community as well as Rzd. B.D. Bali, he informed the audience that he had spoken to Rzd. B.D. Bali, on ‘phone, who had become emotional. He revealed the Mission Statement of his organization, i.e., ‘Nothing can be achieved if it is not without love’ and stated that the same applied to the GMS also. The Mohyal Ashram project at Vrindavan had been achieved only with the love & affection of the Mohyal community.
After the address by Shri P.K. Datta, Dr. Ashok Lav announced the names of all those, who had made donations for the dining hall, library, suites, rooms, Langar Fund etc in the Ashram. All room donors, who were present, were honoured by being presented with bouquets and scarves by the Chief Guest. The names of all such donors, as well as those who had donated Rs. 51,000/- or more for the construction, have been displayed at the Reception area of the Ashram. The list of donors on the spot was then read out and all of them were thanked.
Capt. K.L. Dobhal, Office Superintendent, GMS Secretariat, enthralled the audience by reciting ‘Mohyal Chalisa’, written by him, about the Mohyal community, its martyrs, the GMS, Mohyal Mitter and, finally, Rzd. B.D. Bali. This provoked instantaneous applause from the audience. Much pleased with the composition, Mehta O.P. Mohan, Shri P.K. Datta and Shri Dalip Singh Datta presented cash awards to Capt. Dobhal.
The finale of the function was the cultural programme, presented by the students of Blue Bird Senior Secondary School, Faridabad. A little girl recited a Hindi poem about Sapne, which was applauded by all those present. The audience also enjoyed the other items in the cultural programme, consisting of Krishna Janam Utsav, Raas Leela & Brij Ki Holi performed by the students of the Blue Bird Senior Secondary School, Faridabad. Mehta O.P. Mohan, Shri P.K. Dutta, Smt. Krishan Lata Chhibber, Smt. Janak Chhibber and many others from the audience were so carried away with the music and dance that they also enthusiastically participated in the same. Dr. Ashok Lav announced that the next programme at the Mohyal Ashram, Vrindavan, will be the Holi celebrations next year, which will be organized by MS Faridabad.
The function came to an end, after the vote of thanks proposed by Dr. Ashok Lav. The audience then dispersed to enjoy the sumptuous lunch, hosted by the GMS.
From: Mohyal Mitter,December 2012

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