Wednesday, September 21, 2011

General Mohyal Sabha ? Rajev Chhibber want to know more..

General Mohyal Sabha... Many of us grew up...
Rajeev Chhibber
10:27pm Sep 19
General Mohyal Sabha...

Many of us grew up getting a Mohyal Mitter at home and time to time going to local Mohyal Sabha Meetings..... elders spoke, kids got honored.... we shared a meal.... we laughed.... overheard conversations.... complaning about so and so in laws.... some elders ladies suggesting matrimonial allainces possibilities.....
Then hearing a LOUD argument on the other end... them everyone went home until next time..... Oh well

In 21 st century, in this global WWW era.... many of say 'General Mohyal Sabha'

What is it?
What are its goals?
How does it reaches out to All Mohyals?
Does it caste out people from Biradri & why ?
What is it doing to bring community together?
How does it raise funds or spends it?
Does it help who have no voice or connections?
How does one reach them from any part of the world?
Is it connected to local chapters in other cities?
Who are decision makers & how are they selected?
How does it promote economic diversity of Mohyals ?
How does it embrace change or different opinions?
Does it welcome ideas ?
Is there a help HOTLINE Phone?

These are the lingering questions? I am sure many mohyals worldwide would like to understand all these so we can grow.....
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