Thursday, January 6, 2011

Way of life in a Moment

1. To be conscious of your breath (or not).

2. To eat according to your body's needs, rather than your mind's.

3. To listen to the sounds of nature surrounding you (or not).

4. To feel the energy body within your physical body (or not).

5. To be appreciative of your home, your health, the beauty surrounding you.

6. To feel God or not to feel God.

7. To choose your thoughts as you become aware of how they make you feel.

8. To tune in to your physical body and stretch or move to unblock energy (or not).

9. To close your eyes for a few seconds to breathe, feel, & listen. (except while driving!)

10. To open your heart to yourself right now (or not).

All this in a moment. And so much more. You see, your choices in this moment create your next moment, and the next.

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